Buchla synthesizers are a well known throughout the industry as some of the best. If Moog was Ferrari, Buchla would be Lamborghini. They are used today by some of the industries top artist including Joel Zimmerman (aka Deadmau5). They have a very recognizable sound and the when using one to patch the possibilities are endless. The company was started by Don Buchla in 1963. He set out to build an electronic instrument that could be used in live performance not a giant machine that you couldn't move. He did just that and has been doing that for years. He uses whats called a modular system. A modular system is all of the parts of a synthesizer put together individually. With his modular system you can patch together different sounds making the possibilities endless for new sounds.

The Buchla systems throughout the years:

1963 the 100 modular music system
1970 the 200 series electronic music box
1971 the 500 mini computer digitally controlled synthesizer
1971 the 300 micro computer
1972 the Buchla music easel
1978 Touche key board
1982 Buchla 400 with video display
1987 Buchla 700 midi
1995 the OB-Mx for Oberrheim
1990 The Thunder
1991 The Lightning
1996 The Lightning 2
2000 Marimba lumia 3.5
2001 Marimba lumia 2.5
2002 The piano bar now produced by moog music
2004 The Buchla 200e series. Its the 200 series modular systems with upgrades